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Sometimes music can help, or a few inspiring words. Below are some videos that have given fellow Sierra members the inspiration to keep fighting.

When you need to remind yourself not to give up, what music do you tune in? Use our Contact Form to send us a link to the video and few personal words from you. Include a photo of yourself as an upload. We’ll publish your inspiration here.

“Non” or “Anti”?

We found this video on Shannon Haupt’s Facebook page. It’s from the Guardian. It asks, “Are you a ‘non’ or an ‘anti’?” Think about the difference.

Tim DeChristopher

Photo from The Zephyr

The hero who spent two years in prison for saving 22,000 acres of pristine Utah land

A few days after Christmas, a gift came from Kim Gabriele’s friend Sarah Tannehill. This is Bill Moyers interviewing Tim DeChristopher, also known as Bidder 70. He disrupted a public land auction. The Bureau of Land Management eventually cancelled the auction and the land was saved. Even if you already know this inspirational story, this interview will still be worth your time.

Honorable Harvest

Carolyn JohnsonSierra Club friend Carolyn Johnson, who is working with the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, and SWMG to establish a program to introduce kids to nature, sent us this one. Scientist Robin Kimmerer explains how to take from the Earth.

Craig Brainard found this one

“Love Song to the Earth” closed out Craig’s September 12 Fracking Linkletter ©. You’ll hear Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi, and others.

The fifteen-year-old youth director of Earth Guardians explains things to a United Nations climate change conference

Bill McKibben:

An impressive spokesman for a viewpoint the world needs to hear!

John Muir:

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez:

I learned from my father that all life is sacred. He showed me that every living thing is connected. Because we all draw life from the same Earth and we all drink from the same waters.

We have to remember that we are all indigenous to this Earth, and that we are all connected.


It’s time to look to the skies for the solutions that we need, because the future of energy is no longer down a hole. We need to re-connect with the Earth and end this mindset that we have, that we can take whatever we want without ever giving back or understanding the harm that we are doing to the planet. It is this mindset of destruction, of greed, that is tearing apart our planet.

We owe it to future generations to be the leaders of today so that they can have a tomorrow.

More on Earth Guardians here.

Pope Francis, from the Papal Encyclical On Care For Our Common Home:

…[W]hat is at stake is our own dignity. Leaving an inhabitable planet to future generations is, first and foremost, up to us. The issue is one which dramatically affects us, for it has to do with the ultimate meaning of our earthly sojourn.

“Dear Future Generations: Sorry – Prince Ea.”

This came by email from Donna Anderson, who shared it from her YouTube channel. Prince Ea is a rapper, video producer, and rights activist.

Enjoy this inspiration from Neil Young.

Kim Gabriele's inspiration is Neil Yoiung

Kim Gabriele, who inspired the “Inspiration” page, submitted the first tune. Says Kim, “Neil Young came out with this song for the environmental movement last fall and I periodically listen to it for inspiration.”

The answer to Young’s question, “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” is, of course, you and me.

More from Neil Young

Message dated June 17, 2015:

Neil Young thenNeil Young nowThe Monsanto YearsNeil Young

Yesterday my song “Rockin in the Free World” was used in a announcement for a U.S. presidential candidate without my permission.

A picture of me with this candidate was also circulated in conjunction with this announcement but It was a photograph taken during a meeting when I was trying to raise funds for Pono, my online high resolution music service.

Music is a universal language. so I am glad that so many people with varying beliefs get enjoyment from my music, even if they don’t share my beliefs.

But had I been asked to allow my music to be used for a candidate – I would have said no.

I am Canadian and I don’t vote in the United States, but more importantly I don’t like the current political system in the USA and some other countries. Increasingly Democracy has been hijacked by corporate interests. The money needed to run for office, the money spent on lobbying by special interests, the ever increasing economic disparity and the well funded legislative decisions all favor corporate interests over the people’s.

The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling is proof of this corruption as well as are the proposed trade deals which would further compromise our rights.

These Corporations were originally created to serve us but if we don’t appropriately prioritize they will destroy us. Corporations don’t have children. They don’t have feelings or soul. They don’t depend on uncontaminated water, clean air or healthy food to survive. They are beholden to one thing – the bottom line.

I choose to speak Truth to this Economic Power. When I speak out on corporations hurting the common man or the environment or other species, I expect a well financed disinformation campaign to be aimed my way.

Such is the case with the reaction to my new album The Monsanto Years, which covers many of these issues. I support those bringing these issues to light and those who fight for their rights like Freedom of Choice.

But Freedom of Choice is meaningless without knowledge.

Thats why its crucial we all get engaged and get informed.

That’s why GMO labeling matters. Mothers need to know what they are feeding their children. They need freedom to make educated choices at the market. When the people have voted for labeling, as they have in Vermont, they need our support when they are fighting these corporate interests trying to reverse the laws they have voted for and passed in the democratic process.

I do not trust self serving misinformation coming from corporations and their media trolls. I do not trust politicians who are taking millions from those corporations either. I trust people. So I make my music for people not for candidates.

Keep on Rockin in the Free World.

Neil Young

Update, June 22: Young says Bernie Sanders can use “Rockin in the Free World.”

Jackson Browne, “Before the Deluge”

Bruce Brown's inspiration is Jackson BrowneAfter 40 years,” says Bruce Brown, who submitted this one, “I still can’t listen to this without being moved.”

Four lines from the last verse, written in 1974—long before most of us really understood:

Alberta, Canada

Some of them were angry at the the way the Earth was abused
By the men who learned how to forge Her beauty into power,
And they struggled to protect Her from them, only to be confused
By the magnitude of Her fury in the final hour.

When you need to remind yourself not to give up, what music do you tune in? Use our Contact Form to send us a link to the video and a few personal words from you. Include a photo of yourself as an upload. We’ll publish your inspiration here.