A fracking ban! Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed the legislative initiative for a fracking ban in Michigan!

Call for a fracking ban in Michigan

Ban Michigan Fracking organized people to come to the state capitol in Lansing at the January 2013 State of the State address.

The Southwest Michigan Group wholeheartedly supports the Michigan Chapter’s endorsement of a fracking ban statewide.

On July 20, 2015, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter endorsed the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan and its drive to put a legislative initiative on the ballot that would create a statewide fracking ban.

The Michigan Chapter and the Southwest Michigan group urge all Michigan residents to support the work of the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan.

The Michigan Chapter’s news release endorses the Committee and its petition drive. The drive needs to collect 252,523 petition signatures to put a legislative initiative for a fracking ban on the statewide ballot. CBFM has links showing how you can help the cause.

An important point:

This is a legislative initiative. It’s not the same as a referendum. Per Michigan’s Constitution, if the initiative gets enough signatures to put it on the ballot, and if Michigan voters then approve it, the measure will become law regardless of what Governor Snyder or our Lansing legislators do. The voters will decide.

Micheal Brune favors a fracking ban.In a news release issued April 1, the Sierra Club’s Michigan Chapter declared that Michigan needs a fracking ban “to meet the challenge of climate change and avoid public health and environmental risks.”

With this new statement on July 20, the Michigan Chapter endorsed the CBFM drive for a legislative initiative as the best way to accomplish the fracking ban. The April news release pointed to “short-sighted policy decisions” and “millions of dollars in tax breaks for the oil and gas industry” – a combination that has chased clean-energy companies and clean-energy jobs away from Michigan. If successful, the legislative initiative will bypass Lansing’s short-sighted decision making, and Michigan will become more clean-energy-job friendly. The people of Michigan will make the call.

And it’s more than a fracking ban.

The petition needs your help!

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The measure would also “prohibit emission, production, storage, disposal, and processing of frack and acidizing wastes created by gas and oil well operations.”

This would stop Michigan from importing sometimes radioactive fracking waste that other states have been sending us because they can’t find anyone else to take it off their hands. As David Holtz, who chairs the Michigan Chapter’s Executive Committee, says in the news release, “Michigan shouldn’t be the dumping grounds for other states’ radioactive and chemical fracking wastes and we shouldn’t be putting our public health and our waters at risk.”

Holtz also reported that the endorsement vote from among Sierra Club leaders throughout the state was unanimous.

With this announcement, the Sierra Club adds its official endorsement to that of many other groups supporting the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan.

Working for a fracking ban in MichiganBesides the Sierra Club, more than a hundred Michigan organizations, businesses, entertainers, and individuals have already endorsed CBFM’s petition drive. CBFM has a contact form that makes it easy for you to volunteer to collect signatures and to help in other ways.

When New York State enacted its fracking ban, LuAnne Kozma, CBFM’s tireless leader, had this to say:

Now it’s up to Michiganders to do the same. Only a ban can protect us. Anything less allows fracking. We celebrate all the grassroots activists and scientists who worked hard to bring about the outcome in New York. New York got it right: fracking is harmful to human health and the environment. New polls show more Americans oppose fracking than ever before. The tide is turning. Unfortunately many people in fracked states, including Michigan, are human guinea pigs in the frack industry’s experiment. People in places like Pennslyvania, Colorado and Texas were studied to measure the harm done to humans to bring New York officials to their senses. We ask everyone to join in our grassroots effort to ban fracking and frack wastes statewide. We also ask Michigan scientists and medical and health professionals to document and speak out about the human health impacts that we know are going on here.

Here’s another way for you to become knowledgeable:

Have your organization – your church group or civic group, etc. – Contact Craig Brainard and schedule a time and place for his presentation of “Don’t Frack Up Our Future.”

Craig Brainard supports a fracking banSouthwest Michigan Group Conservation Chair Craig Brainard has studied Michigan energy issues for over a decade, concentrating on fracking problems for the past five years. He’s traveled all across Michigan, talking with residents, local officials, drillers, legislators, the DEQ, the DNR, and others about what’s happening with oil and gas drilling in Michigan. Craig shares what he’s learned about fracking’s relationship to Michigan’s environment and to global warming, and what we need to do to protect our public health, our beautiful State, and Her resources.


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