Environmental Groups – Southwest Michigan, State, Regional, National

On this page you can connect with environmental groups in our neighborhood, within Michigan, in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes area, and at the National level. Sierra Club links are in the right-hand column.

If you know of an organization we missed, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

West Michigan and Southwest Michigan environmental groups

Kalamazoo Nature Center, local environmental groupsKalamazoo Nature Center sponsors a multitude of programs that keep kids and families in touch with the great outdoors and teach the value of environmental conservation.

the environmental group Land Conservancy of West MichiganThe Land Conservancy of West Michigan is working to “keep nature nearby” in West Michigan.

Southwest Michigan Land ConservancyLocal residents formed the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy in 1991 to preserve the natural, scenic, and historic landscapes in the nine counties of Southwest Michigan – the same nine counties that the Sierra Club’s Southwest Michigan Group serves.

Pierce Cedar Greek Institute, local environmental groupsPierce Cedar Creek Institute promotes environmental education, research, preservation, and appreciation. It’s an environmental education center, a nature center, and a biological field station.

Kalamazoo Climate Change Coalition, local environmenta groupsKalamazoo Climate Change Coalition works on active implementation and adaptation strategies to reduce carbon emissions and the impacts of climate change in our community.

Kalamazoo Conservation District partners with federal and state agencies to coordinate and implement conservation and environmental programs throughout the community – resource protection, development, and management.

the environmental group Kalamazoo River Watershed CouncilThe Kalamazoo River Watershed Council works with the community, government agencies, local officials, and businesses to improve and protect the Kalamazoo River and its tributaries and watershed.

Kalamazoo River Cleanup CaolitionFounded by citizens concerned about the Allied Paper mess, its PCB contaminants, and the EPA’s weak response, the Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition has been taking care of the river and its Portage Creek tributary since 2007.

Environment KalamazooEnvironment Kalamazoo Provides news from the Kalamazoo Environmental Council, a coalition of ten local environmental groups, including the Southwest Michigan Group of the Sierra Club.

Based in Paw Paw, the Two Rivers Coalition handles Explore, Enjoy, and Protect in Southwest Michigan’s Black River and Paw Paw River watersheds, two of the healthiest river systems in the southern Lower Peninsula.

West Michigan Environmental Action CouncilWest Michigan Environmental Action Council works on building sustainable communities and protecting water resources with an emphasis on inclusiveness and environmental justice.

Audubon-KalamazooThe Audubon Society of Kalamazoo (ASK) formed in 1945. More than 300 southwest Michigan members share an interest in bird watching, nature, and the environment. A local affiliate of the National Audubon Society, ASK makes educational presentations for local schools and adult groups and is actively involved in local environmental issues.

Asylum Lake Preservation AssociationThe Asylum Lake Preservation Association is dedicated to assuring that the Preserve remains a natural and open habitat for wildlife and for the community.

Michigan Safe Energy Future, local environmenta groupsMichigan Safe Energy Future has a Kalamazoo Chapter and a Shoreline Chapter, both working to rid Michigan of the dangers posed by nuclear power generation and by our growing stockpiles of extremely hazardous nuclear waste.

350 Kalamazoo, local environmental groups350 Kalamazoo is the local affiliate of 350.org, the international organization working to keep the planet’s atmospheric carbon below 350 parts per million, which scientists warn is the limit to avoid runaway global warming.

Circle PinesThe mission of Circle Pines is to promote peace, social justice, environmental stewardship and cooperation. The Center aims to demonstrate cooperative alternatives for economic and social issues and to teach cooperation as a way of life.

Citizens' Climate LobbyCitizens’ Climate Lobby Kalamazoo is the local affiliate of Citizens’ Climate Lobby‘s national organization. CCL emphasizes lobbying our legislators to enact solutions to the planet’s climate change problem.

Animal agriculture devastates the environment, contaminating water and air. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that livestock farming generates 50% more greenhouse gas than all forms of transportation. Vegan Kalamazoo helps make veganism good for you.

Who’s leading the drive against climate change? People who are making gasoline and tailpipes so 20th-century, that’s who. People like Sierra Club Southwest Michigan Group’s annual co-sponsor of Kalamazoo Drive Electric Week, the Kalamazoo Electric Vehicle Association.

The Coldwater River recently underwent a drastic transformation. The Coldwater River Watershed Council is “actively working towards improving the health and quality of the watershed including the creeks and rivers which empty into the Coldwater River.”

Conservation is ConservativeAn organization of “Republicans, conservatives, and independents” who “share a passion for the environment,” ConservAmerica is an organization with national reach headquartered in Sturgis, Michigan. Their motto is “Conservation is Conservative.”

Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, environmental groupsSouthwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum promotes sustainability as a socially responsible and economically sound business practice.


Environmental groups that focus on Michigan

Ban fracking in MichiganThe Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan is working hard to get the signatures needed to put a fracking ban initiative on the 2018 ballot.

Foo & Water WatchMichigan Chapter of Food & Water Watch is working on shutting down Line 5, other pipeline issues, Flint’s water problems, factory farms, and more.

environmental group established in the early 1970s, the Ecology CenterSince the early 1970s, the Ecology Center has been working for a safe and healthy environment where people live, work, and play here in Michigan.
Michigan Nature Associationn
Since 1952, the Michigan Nature Association has been protecting the lands and waters that Michigan’s rare, threatened, and endangered species depend on to survive.
Oil & Water Don't Mix
Oil & Water Don’t Mix brings Michigan residents together to protect the amazing resource that is the Great Lakes.
Environment Michigan
Thousands of Michigan members standing up for the places we love. Environment Michigan is an affiliate of Environment America
Michigan Environmental CouncilA coalition of more than 70 organizations, the Michigan Environmental Council pressures our politicians to get it right.
Michigan League of Conservation VotersThe Michigan League of Conservation Voters, an affiliate of the national organization, applies political pressure, rates our politicians’ environmental records, and makes sure they know that we vote.
The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, a Michigan non-profit, promotes renewable energy by advocating for stronger state policies and by educating Michigan citizens, organizations, and leaders on how to achieve a greater use of renewable energy and its many economic and environmental benefits.
Clean Energy CoalitionSee Clean Energy Coalition for a practical approach to spending less on energy while lowering fossil fuel consumption and raising clean energy use for transportation, communities, and buildings.
Clean Water ActionThe Michigan Chapter of the national organization, advocating political action for clean water and clean energy.
mi-climate-action-network-logoThe Michigan Climate Action Network is working to build a Michigan grassroots movement for clean energy, climate stability, and climate justice.
Michigan Citizens for Water ConservationThe water protectors at Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation oppose water privatization, plundering, and pollution. They’re working to restore constitutional mandates and fix loopholes.
The Nature Conservancy is a national organization. Their mission is to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends. The Michigan Chapter is busy protecting the Great Lakes State.
Green Michigan
For Michigan environmental solutions, resources, and how-to’s, visit GreenMichigan.org.
Kellogg Biological StationMichigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program is part of a national network of LTER sites established by the National Science Foundation.
Michigan Energy OptionsThe people at Michigan Energy Options are helping to lead the transition from fossil-fuel energy, though they still refer to our infinite energy sources as “renewables” when we all know the wind and sun need no renewal.
Groundwork Center for Resilient CommunitiesFormerly the Michigan Land Use Institute, the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities is a nonprofit advocacy organization that protects the environment, strengthens the economy, and builds community.

Great Lakes area and nationwide groups

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Organizations devoted to protecting the Great Lakes Basin and our water supply

For Love Of WaterEducating citizens and leaders about protecting the Great Lakes.

Alliance for the Great LakesMore than forty years experience conserving and restoring the world’s largest freshwater resource.

Great Lakes EchoKeeping the Great Lakes clean and green.

grlksenvlawctrProtecting the world’s greatest freshwater resource and the communities that depend upon it.

Michigan Section, American Water Works AssociationNews and action on keeping our water clean.

Inland SeasEducating students and families in the aquatic sciences as a way to inspire a passion for protecting our inland seas.

Sea GrantA Michigan State University grant program for exploration, research, education.

Great Lakes CoalitionPaying attention to water levels, coastlines, beaches, dunes, bluffs, legislators, regulators…

Healthy LakesThis member of the Great Lakes Coalition (see above) does field work with local conservation leaders.

Sustain Our Great LakesSustaining, restoring, and protecting fish, wildlife, and habitat.

Freshwater FutureFresh water would be a good thing for us to have in our future. These guys are on it.

Michigan voters oppose wolf hunting. Keep Michigan Wolves ProtectedA coalition of conservation groups, animal welfare organizations, Native American tribes, hunters, scientists, and others – protecting wolves, giving voters a voice on wildlife.

Environmental Law & Policy CenterA public interest environmental legal advocacy organization.

5 Lakes EnergyA consulting firm that promotes clean energy, sustainability, and the environment.

National conservation organizations

Foo & Water WatchKeeping an eye on the essentials

Energy Action Coalition
The younger generation making itself heard,
formerly Energy Action Coalition

FractivistAnti-fracking activism

Environmental ActionPolitical pressure plus direct action

GreenpeaceGreen activism

Natural Resources Defense CouncilNatural Resources Defense Council

League of Conservation VotersNational parent of the Michigan League

350.orgNational parent of 350.Org Kalamazoo

Citizens' Climate Lobby, environmental groupsNational parent of CCL Kalamazoo

Fighting denial, distortion, disinformation

Clean Water ActionFighting water contamination

National Wildlife FederationProtecting wildlife and habitat

Wilderness SocietySaving the wild places

NextGen ClimateNextGen Climate

Spreading the truth

Center for Biological DiversityThe Center for Biological Diversity

Safer Chemicals Healthy FamiliesSafer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Oceanic Preservation SocietyDedicated to protecting our oceans and planet.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
Local legal help against polluters

If you know of an organization we missed, please leave a comment below.

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  1. My Girl Scout Troop and myself wanted to say thank you for this page. My troop found your resources to be so helpful while we’ve been talking about nature, animals, and going green. It’s been a great way to end our summer and the girls have gotten really interested in the environment around them.

    The girls would like to suggest another page that they found about bird watching, as a thank you because your page was such a big help for them:

    Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching

    They thought that other people (and possibly other Girl Scout Troops) would find it as helpful as they did!

    A big thank you, Katie, to you and your Girl Scout Troop from Sierra Club Southwest Michigan Group. We’re so happy you found us helpful! We’re even happier that we helped raise your Troop’s interest in the environment. Thanks also for helping others learn more about birds, nature, and the environment by sending us this link. Keep up the good work!

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