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messageSierra Club Southwest Michigan Group activist Mary Colborn has started a new grassroots campaign. Her goal is to get regular folks everywhere to Flood the Mailboxes! Mary is calling on us to write letters that essentially say, “Dear President-Elect Donald Trump: Please fight climate change!”

Say it however you think it ought to be said.

  • Dear President-Elect Donald Trump: You can go down in history as the President who saved the Earth from catastrophe!
  • Dear President-Elect Donald Trump: Please don’t let historians label you as the President who let China take the lead in fighting climate change!
  • Dear President-Elect Donald Trump: Creating millions of new jobs in the clean-energy sector will guarantee you a second term!

You get the idea. Take it from there.

Here are excerpts from the message Mary posted on her Flood the Mailboxes! Facebook page:

Mary Colborn. Flood the Mailboxes! Dear President-Elect Donald Trump

Mary Colborn says, “Flood the Mailboxes!” Dear President-Elect Donald Trump…

President Elect Donald Trump has stated that he doesn’t believe in man-made climate change and has threatened to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. He does say, however, that he is a money making machine and wants to “create jobs and put Americans back to work.” Let’s tell him how he can do that by addressing climate change. Let’s flood his mailbox with the reasons why addressing climate change is GOOD BUSINESS. Here is the link to share your idea with his team:

Imagine reaching out to him with how he can BEST China and make America a leader in clean, green technology. Imagine talking to him about how to bring people on board to his presidency. Imagine talking to him about how he could be the savior he told and sold to so many in the U.S. Imagine talking to him about how he could really create jobs for disenfranchised workers while taking on the establishment. Imagine convincing him to consider a carbon tax as a way to jump start the economy. Imagine talking to him about how he could do what Hillary could not do – which is pull in a huge swath of the population to care about the most critical issue of our time.

It’s a long shot, but his campaign was a long shot. We have to use everything at our disposal. We can do this. We can flood his mailboxes – and sell this issue to Trump to convince him that he can really be a “hero” and do something that no one else can do – get the American people to start mobilizing and take action on climate change.

For more ideas and inspiration, here are a couple of open letters to President-Elect Trump:

  • From Katharine Hayhoe, atmospheric scientist, associate professor of political science, and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University
  • From 35 U.S. Mayors
  • From Clean Edge, An Open Letter to President-Elect Trump on Clean Energy

Mary’s Flood the Mailboxes! campaign has only one purpose: Convince the President-Elect to address climate change. Please, no venting, no berating, no attacking.

Please stay on topic. Our letters aren’t about anything but climate change and related issues. Clean energy, clean-energy incentives, clean-energy jobs, how the clean-energy transition makes economic sense, pipelines, pollution, fossil fuel subsidies, environmental justice issues, how melting icecaps and rising sea levels threaten all of us, and anything else you can think of that’s related. Do you want to write about abortion, immigration, or another issue? Please, that’s a different campaign.

Appeal to him personally. Donald Trump may no longer be as dead set against climate action as he once was. CNN recently reported that the President-Elect recognizes that “there is some connectivity” between the climate and human activity. Fox News said that Mr. Trump “seems to be changing his mind” on climate change. Your letter can exploit this news. A change of heart on fighting climate change would gain him the respect of billions all over the world. History would regard him as the world’s savior.

Please be respectful. If you’re among those who despise the President-Elect – no matter how much – letting your attitude show will do more harm than good.

How to send your Dear President-Elect Donald Trump message

Those who advise people like us on how to be heard say handwritten letters are the most effective. A politician who solicits online comments usually pays attention to the input. An overwhelming two- or three-day flood of phone calls on the same topic can work. Emails, not so much. Petitions only if hundreds of thousands sign on.

Mailing address:

President Elect Donald Trump
The Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Here’s a link to submit your comment online.

Spread the campaign!

Go to Mary’s Flood the Mailboxes! Facebook page. Click “Going” to tell Mary you’re committed to writing your “Dear President-Elect Donald Trump” letter by December 9. Then click “Share” to invite your Facebook friends to join Mary’s campaign.

Also, post Mary’s Flood the Mailboxes! campaign on your own Facebook timeline and all your social media accounts.

League of Conservation Voters

Update! The League of Conservation Voters is running a similar campaign!

The LCV is calling for letters that will put Donald Trump and the Republican Party on notice with this pledge: “I am ready to fight, day in and day out, to make sure I do everything in my power to protect the planet I love.” Go to LCV’s “Take the Pledge” page to send your pledge and a personalized message.

After you send your letter, whether it’s a Flood the Mail Boxes! letter or an LCV letter (or both!) email a copy to Sierra Club Southwest Michigan Group. We will publish our favorites here on our website.

Update: Here are some of the letters.

Please spread the campaign by using the “share” buttons at the bottom of this page.

All our letters matter. Yours especially. Thanks!