“Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump…” – Letters from Mary Colborn’s “Flood the Mailboxes!” campaign

In late November, Sierra Club Southwest Michigan Group activist Mary Colborn started her Flood the Mailboxes campaign. She supported it with a Facebook page and we supported her here on our website. We promised to publish some of the “Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump…” letters that Mary asked everyone to write. Here are a few of those letters.

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump, from Richa

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump:

I tend to be skeptical about anything until I have checked it out carefully, looking at various sides to a subject, deciding what can be trusted and how much, seeing how arguments or positions hold together (or not), etc. That was true for climate change, and I am now no longer a skeptic; I believe it is real, and possibly a serious danger to America and the rest of the world. Just how serious a danger, I do not know.

Anyway, Donald, I have some understanding of your skepticism, especially because there is a great deal of conflicting information out there. But, just as you rightly wish to protect against further threats of terrorism despite not knowing the probability of it happening but realizing the possibility, I hope you will take the same approach to climate change. We should protect ourselves against the real possibility that it could get considerably worse considerably sooner than expected and do us serious, perhaps irreparable damage.

Thank you for considering this.

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump, from Mary

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump:

I believe that if you, President-Elect Trump, made tackling climate change the cornerstone of your presidency, you could easily become a climate hero. You could end up going down in history as the president who could do what the others – President Obama and Secretary Clinton – could not do, which is to get America, middle America, to care about climate change.

If you put aside all the denier philosophies and embraced the science and the scientists who have worked so hard to alert the public to the coming catastrophes, you could captivate the hearts and minds of people throughout the United States and the world.

If you rethink your cabinet choices and choose instead climate leaders, the left would embrace you and rush to support your mission.

If you showed them that you cared about their future in this way, you would galvanize the youth, who were such strident Bernie Sanders followers. You could give everyone someone to believe in and, instead of wanting to fight you at every turn, people would cheer for you in amazing ways and you would ultimately unify the United States and be the President of All America.

And, the most amazing thing of all, you could create jobs of all kinds. You could create jobs in the clean, green tech industries – jobs like solar installers, energy auditors and retrofitters. Census data from 2015 shows that the solar industry continues to exceed growth expectations, adding workers at a rate nearly 12 times faster than the overall economy. Long-term research shows that “the solar industry has grown by 123% in the past six years, resulting in nearly 115,000 domestic living wage jobs.” These are good jobs, living wage jobs. You could truly put coal country and rust belt workers back to work in a way that doesn’t negatively impact their health like working amidst coal dust does.

You could truly be an amazing President that we all admire and believe in if you decide to make tackling climate change the keystone of your presidency.

Thank you for letting me share with you my idea.

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump, from Bruce

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump:A recent article in the New York Times, reiterated by Fox News and CNN, indicates that you may be changing your opinions about climate change. The reports say that there has been “a softening in Trump’s position on US involvement in efforts to fight climate change,” and that you agree that “there is some connectivity” between the climate and human activity. The Times also said you were keeping “an open mind” in regards to the Paris accords.

However, regardless, of any opinion on whether climate change is real or a hoax, man-made or cyclical, I’m sure you can clearly see the need for the U.S. to lead a global transition to a clean-energy future.

More than a century ago, we came up with modes of transportation that did not require us to put up with piles of manure in our streets. So we stopped putting up with piles of manure in our streets. Extracting, pipelining, and burning fossil fuels to generate electricity has required us to put up with the destruction of land and property; the pollution of farmland, groundwater, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans; the poisoning of the very air we breathe; and many more health problems and deaths than manure in the streets ever caused. Today’s technology makes it possible for us to stop putting up with destruction, pollution, poisonings, and health problems. So we should stop putting up with it.

Please go down in history as the President who led the world’s transition to a clean-energy future, a future that does not require us to put up with the 150-year-old fossil fuel technology that’s treating the human race to the modern equivalent of manure-filled streets.

The world would thank you, history would thank you, and I thank you for considering this.

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For more information, including where and how to send your letter, ideas on what to say, links to letters from public figures, and more, visit our Flood the Mailboxes page.

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