Boycott Bottled Water

Boycott bottled water? Why? What’s the problem with bottled water? Well, for starters, the bottle and the water.

Boycott bottled water because of the water.

The water in the bottle is not worth more than a thousand times as much as the water from your faucet.

Boycott bottled water

The water aisle at my local grocery. Photo: Bruce Brown, Sierra Club SW MI Group.

Here in Portage, my water costs $3.19 per thousand gallons. Let’s round that up slightly to 3.2¢ per ten gallons. One litre (33.8 ounces) of Ozarka Brand 100% Natural Spring Water (one of the lower priced bottled waters) costs 89¢ at Target. To get ten gallons of Ozarka, I’d have to buy (rounding up slightly again) 38 bottles at 89¢ each – or $33.82 for ten gallons. That’s 1,057 times the cost of Portage tap water and about a dollar a gallon more expensive than gasoline here in my neighborhood right at the moment.Read more