Bee Rescue Project – Part Two

Ben's bee rescue project begins with a swarm of bees

Previously, in Part One of Ben’s bee rescue project

On the evening of Saturday, June 4, People’s Food Co-op manager Chris Dilley notified Ben of a swarm of bees collecting in a spot that would be hazardous for bees, employees, and customers. Ben coaxed the swarm into a box and carried them home to the backyard at Fletcher House. Part One of Ben’s absorbing account of his concerns and the lengths he went to in providing a comfortable place for the bees to build their hive, takes us to June 7. Was he able to outfit the Warré Hive with everything the bees needed in time for them to survive a spell of unseasonably chilly days? And now… Part Two of Ben’s bee rescue project.

Bee Rescue Project – Part Two: Hive Becomes Home

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Bee Rescue Project – Part One

Bee Rescue Project: Swarm to Hive

Bee Rescue Diary, Saturday, June 4, 2016

Near the back garden - not the best place for the bees. Bee rescue needed.

Near the back garden at People’s Food Co-op, Kalamazoo – not the safest home for bees. Ben Brown has had experience with bees, so General Manager Chris Dilley gave Ben a bee rescue mission.

My friend Chris Dilley, General Manager at People’s Food Co-op of Kalamazoo, called me. His staff reported a bee swarm forming at the Co-op’s garden, just outside the back entrance – a hazardous place for the bees and for Co-op employees and customers. My mission: A bee rescue.

When I arrived at 7:00 pm, the swarm was about the size of a two-pound oatmeal box, forming around a branch about six feet high. Chris gave me permission to cut the branch to capture the swarm.

I hastily cleaned several Warré Hives and selected one to bring the swarm home in.Read more