Fracking Ban in Michigan?


By Sum1Else

Michigan’s two most important environmental issues right now are: Shutting down Enbridge Line 5, and FRACKING.

Michigan Chapter position on Fracking

A couple of months ago, I learned – right here on this very website – that on March 31, the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club issued a news release entitled, “Sierra Club Calls for Michigan Fracking Ban.”

The news release said, “High-Volume Fracking Too Risky, Contributes To Climate Change.”

The news release quotes Mike Berkowitz, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Legislative Director, as saying, “…we will continue working to reduce the risks of fracking in Michigan while pursuing our goal to eventually eliminate the practice.”Read more

Mayday PAC: “Embrace the irony.” No thanks.


by Sum1Else

Mayday PAC did more harm than good in the 2014 midterms.

Lawrence Lessig, Mayday PAC

Lawrence Lessig: Photo by Jana Birchum

When I got my email announcing Lawrence Lessig’s Mayday PAC, I loved the idea. I got excited. I sent money – something I almost never do. Millions of Americans putting up their own money against the big spenders who own politicians from Washington, D.C., to Washington State seemed like it might work. Get the right people elected. Campaign for legislators who’ll vote to reform the system.

I heard the arguments against the idea: Get money out of politics by pouring more money in? It’s not like fighting fire with fire. It’s like fighting fire with gasoline.

I embraced the idea that we should “embrace the irony.” It was only temporary. Elect reformers. Enact reform. We win. Corporations aren’t people anymore. Money isn’t speech anymore.Read more

Deregulation? I NEVER Said Deregulate!

by Adam Smith, Author of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

as told to Sum1Else

Thank you, Sum1Else, for all your help. It took a superhuman effort (you can’t even imagine!) but I had to set the record straight. I couldn’t have done it without you, Summy! — Your pal, Adam Smith.

One: Why I insisted on regulation

This Changes EverythingThere’s a book going around, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein.

According to this Klein person, the so-called “everything” that’s changed – or ought to – is capitalism. She claims “deregulated capitalism” is what’s behind global warming and, to hear her tell it, it’s also behind just about everything else that’s going wrong in the world today.

Here’s what I‘ve got to say about that:

“It’s about freakin’ time!”

Did Adam Smith did not favor deregulationAbout the author:
Adam Smith (1723-1790) was a Scottish philosopher and the author of several books. The most famous was The Wealth of Nations. Being an 18th-Century author gives him a degree of historical perspective, and his current extreme geographical distance gives him a more complete view of what’s happening here than most of us enjoy. Being dead, however, is a disadvantage that requires him to speak to us through Sum1Else.

And, I’d like to add, American-style deregulated capitalism is the worst kind. With every round of deregulation, you everyday working-class Americans get tromped on even harder. How do you respond? It’s like you all get together and holler, “Tromp harder! More deregulation!”Read more