Why I Enjoy Nature Conservation When Camping and Backpacking

A Few Reasons Why We Should All Focus on Protecting Nature for Future Generations


“Why I Enjoy Nature Conservation When Camping and Backpacking” by Eric Carrell

With the “Leave No Trace” campaign that has been making waves across the world in the last few years, eco-friendly camping is a big deal lately.

They say that the best way to camp (and ensure that future generations will have the pleasure of experiencing the same natural beauty that you do), is to take nothing but pictures. You’re also supposed to leave nothing but footprints behind, which totally makes sense and something I am hugely passionate about, in fact I wrote a whole article on how to minimize the impacts of camping for my blog!

The idea of having the smallest footprint on nature gets me excited, and today I want to share a few ways in which I try to incorporate this green trend into my outdoor adventures.

Protecting and preserving sacred natural spaces is more important today than it has ever been. Here’s how I go greener every time I go camping.

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